Remote Control CD


“Remote Control” is the 4th full-length album from Gibby Stites and officially marks the start of a new trilogy which picks up where 2020’s “Regularly Scheduled Programming” left off.

01. Bipolar Poetry [Prod. Stir Crazy]
02. Mind Ya Business [Prod. Godsynth]
03. Saturday Morning Cartoons (ft. True Villen) [Prod. DJ Emaculate]
04. Reaper [Prod. Charlie Beans]
05. Down Low [Prod. Stir Crazy]
06. UNDERDAWG [Prod. Stir Crazy]
07. What’s Really Good? [Prod. DJ Emaculate]
08. Weekend at Gibby’s [Prod. Charlie Beans]
09. Memory Lane (ft. Charlie Beans) [Prod. Gibby Stites]
10. Clear My Mind [Prod. Stir Crazy]
11. Paid Dues (ft. Ren Thomas) [Prod. Gibby Stites]
12. My Soul [Prod. Charlie Beans]
13. Goes Around [Prod. DJ Emaculate]